We carry all of the accessories you need for your instrument. From cases, rosin & strings to music books & parts, we’ve got you covered.  We stock all the major string brands including Thomastic-Infeld, Pirastro, D'Adarrio, Passione, and even the exclusive "Luthier Series" strings.  A full line of cases by BAM, Bobelock, Pedi, Gewa, Tonarelli, Pedi, Concord and more.  Music books for school orchestra programs, Suzuki books, and the standard repertoire for traditional classical studies as well as many hard to find fiddle books.  We have a huge selection of Rosin, Shoulder Rests, all styles of chin rests, and other accessories.  We are also dealers in LR Baggs pickups & preamps, Fishman products, Realist, and others.

Cases are discounted 10% off our already low prices with the purchase of an instrument or bow.  If you are interested in purchasing accessories from us, please contact us today. Accessories are easily shipped upon request.

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Wyatt Violin Music Books


We carry many brands of strings for violin, viola, cello, and bass.

Synthetic Core

Dominant Strings


The sound is brilliant and responsive, and these strings seem to work well with many different instruments.

Corelli Crystal Strings

Corelli Crystal

Corelli Crystal strings have a tone that is warm and dark, with a fair amuont of edge that keeps them from sounding too dull. They also feel thick under the finger, although they really are not thicker than any other string.

Corelli Alliance Strings

Corelli Alliance

Use a Kevlar core rather than perlon. The sound is warm and dark, although not as warm and dark as the Obligato, for example.

Infeld Red, Infeld Blue

Infeld Red/Blue

Designed to compliment one another; the tensions are the same, allowing you to mix and match. The Infeld Red set has a darker, warmer sound, and the Infeld Blue is more brilliant.

Larsen Strings


While Larsen has been making excellent cello strings for some time, the violin strings are relatively new. They are powerful and brilliant but with great quality. The sound is noticeably bigger than that of the Dominant.

Obligato Strings


Of all the synthetic-core strings, the Obligato comes the closest to sounding like a gut-core string, namely the Eudoxa. Obligatos are, however, more responsive and slightly more brilliant. If you have a violin that would work well with Eudoxas, you might want to try the Obligatos. We would suggest them for overly bright instruments.

Evah Pirazzi Strings
Evah Pirazzi

This is an outstanding string. It's more brilliant than the Obligato, silvery, powerful, and with a great deal of character.

Tonica Strings

Tonicas are excellent string with a bright sound. The sound is not as bright as that of the Dominant, but it has more complexity, fullness, and depth. Some people may find the string to have a slightly slower response. Two E strings are available, one plain steel and one with aluminium wrapping. The wrapped E is very useful on violins that have a tendency to squeak when going to the open E.

Vision Strings

The latest string from Thomastik-Infeld. This sound of Vision strings is focused, clear, open and brilliant. Vision strings can be mixed with almost any synthetic core string. Features of stability, durability, dynamics, quick break-in, and highly balanced. The Vision Titanium strings are a bit stronger than the traditional Vision strings.

Steel Core Strings

Helicore Strings


A popular string witha smooth, warm tone. It has a soft, pliable feel under the fingers, unlike most other steel-core strings.

Jargar Strings


Many decades ago, Jargar strings became popular with cellists, especially for the A and D strings, and with violinists for the A strings. They have a warm sound and a good following.

Spirocore Strings


Spirocore strings have a very bright, hard-edged sound.

Gut Strings

Chorda Strings


Made for early-music specialists with violins set up for Baroque performance. The E, A, and D are plain gut, and the G is wrapped with a silver-plated copper wire. The are designed to be tuned to a 415 A.

Eudoxa Strings


Eudoxa Strings have been on the market for a long time and were the standard for many years. They have a dark, warm, and quite full sound. The response is rather slow, and they can sound dull on some (especially newer) instruments. Eudoxa strings work best on old German and Italian violins, especially those with a higher arching.

Gold Strings


Often referred to as "Gold Label." Less expensive than Olivs or Eudoxas, the Gold Label comes in only one gauge and has a sound somewhere between those of the other labels. The E string is one of the most popular on the market and works well with many other strings.

Kaplan Gold Spiral Strings


Similar to the "Gold" (featured above). The solo version is a bit more brilliant and is available in different gauges.

Oliv Strings