About our Rentals

“We rent what we sell.”
Our goal is to give every student a chance to learn on an instrument that inspires them to want to play!

Over the years, we have consulted professional musicians, private teachers, and music educators to create a rental program with the highest level of service and quality in the area.    We work closely with our vendors, hand selecting only the best examples, and have specific models developed exclusively for our shop. When instruments arrive in our workshop, we perform precision set-ups to maximize the sound quality and play-ability. 
An instrument that sounds good and plays easily can certainly inspire a student to practice. Our goal is to give every student a chance to learn on an instrument that inspires them to want to play! Our renters receive the finest customer service & the same level of attention that our professional playing customers have grown to expect.  
We encourage you to review your options thoroughly and "ask around".  We believe that "word of mouth" is the best form of advertising.  We hope you will find that our local presence, reputation for fine instruments, expertise, our commitment to music education programs, and passion for what we do speaks for us.

100% RENTAL EQUITY can be applied at any time to purchase.
RISK-FREE Insurance & Maintenance is included in the low monthly payment.
Month to Month payments & return any time after the first 90-days!
FAST REPAIRS in our workshop by experienced craftsman.
NO INTEREST & absolutely no hidden fees.

Size & Monthly Rate:

4/4 = $32

3/4 - 1/32

15"+ = $39.00

14"-13" = $32.00

4/4 = $60.00

3/4 - 1/10
= $54.00

3/4 = $80.00

1/2 - 1/10
= $62.00

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Rental FAQ's

Why Should You Rent From Us?

The Wyatt Violin Shop rental program is the most flexible, affordable plan in the country and protects your investment from the beginning. Our goal is to have the simplest, most transparent program in the country and the highest quality for competitive prices. Every instrument is set up in our workshop and strict attention to the smallest of details assures that every instrument plays easily with a full and resonant tone. We do our repairs in our workshop and you can bring your instrument in anytime for a free cleaning, tuning, adjustments, and we can often do repairs while you wait! As your child’s enjoyment and participation in music grows, our service and support will grow right along with them.

How Do I Rent?

You can fill out our convenient Rental Reservation Form by clicking the picture of the instrument you wish to rent above, and we will contact you to finish the paperwork. If you
are unsure of your size, we recommend that you make an appointment to visit our shop and have our experienced staff assist you with selecting your instrument. Options include having your instrument delivered to your school* (please call for schedules), shipped to your home, or simply reserving and picking it up at our shop. We give you a choice of your instrument and the flexibility to find the "right fit".
Call us at (816) 252-5656 to reserve your rental over the phone.

What is the total cost to start Renting an Instrument?

The total charge to start renting is the first month’s rent plus a ONE-TIME cleaning/processing fee*. This fee is our minimum charge for cleaning and it is billed up-front for when the instrument is returned.
($45 for Violin/Viola & $60 for Cello/Bass) *applies toward equity/purchase

What is Required to Rent an Instrument?

We require a major credit card and either a Driver’s License or Social Security number.

Is this a “RENT-TO-OWN” Program?

Due to our reasonable rental rates and the high quality of our instruments, our plan is not the typical “Rent-to-Own”. However, your rental fees will accrue on a monthly basis, and you may return your rental instrument at any time.  100% of your total rent paid applies towards the purchase of an instrument and there is no limit to the amount of equity you can build! Combining our Rental Plan with our “Easy Payment Plan”, you have much more flexibility to purchase than ANY rent-to-own program.
*Typically the "halfway" point during your rental, if you wanted to purchase, is about 18 months.

What are my Options to use my Equity & What is the "Easy Payment Plan"?

There is no limit to the amount of equity that you may use toward the purchase. However, the credit used may not equal more than fifty percent of the price of the instrument being purchased. The instrument purchased can be the one you have been renting or any other “like-kind” instrument owned by the Wyatt Violin Shop. Our “Easy Payment Plan” is a flexible payment plan customized to your needs and is a much better option than any “Rent-To-Own” plan. It allows you to finance the balance with 0% interest and make payments over 6, 12, 18, 24, and even 36 months!  You are not committed to the entire term and can pay off your balance at anytime, with not extra cost.

Can I Trade In after I own it?

Yes! Our plan gives everyone the opportunity to acquire a fine instrument while protecting their investment from the start. Our inventory is extensive and we have hundreds of instruments to choose from to fit any budget. You get up to 100% trade-in on any instrument purchased from us.

What Happens if the Instrument is damaged or needs repair?

Your monthly payment includes insurance & maintenance (I & M). This fee covers normal wear and tear items such as nicks,
scratches, open seams, sticking or slipping pegs, and most other repairs at NO CHARGE to you! You can bring your instrument in anytime for a free cleaning, tuning, or repair. 

What if my child needs to upgrade to a bigger size instrument?

Instruments may be exchanged for another size at any time. There is no charge to size up and carry all your equity forward!

What if my child wants to change to a different TYPE of instrument?

Should your child decide they want to play another type of instrument; your total equity will be pro-rated to accommodate the
new type of rental instrument

May I return the Rental instrument at any time?

YES! After the initial three-month rental period, you may return the instrument at any time with no additional fees.

NAfME Standards?

Our instruments are setup way BEYOND the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) standards, to meet our own rigorous requirements for quality, sound, and play-ability. We work closely with area orchestra directors and your teacher to ensure we not only have your school’s required books and accessories in stock, but that the instruments are setup for optimal sound & play-ability.

Where are you located? Do you deliver to my child's school?

Our Independence location is just 10 minutes from Lee’s Summit, Liberty, Blue Springs, and Downtown KC. We can often make scheduled deliveries to most schools and even pick up your child’s instrument from school for repairs*. (check with us for delivery schedules) We service orchestras and private studios musical needs both locally and around the country. 


The Wyatt Violin Shop Luthier's Promise

To provide top quality instruments, the best old world craftsmanship, and the finest accessories and repairs to our customers. We will personally stand behind every instrument, accessory and repair. Dedicated to the support of music educators and musicians from beginning student to the professional, our accomplished craftsmen and experts will help to make your musical experience as rich and rewarding as possible.

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