Listed below are a selection of some of Violins in various price ranges.

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Under $1,000

Many old German & French violins for sale in this price range as well as the ones below.

$1,000 - $2,600

Many killer sounding old German & French violins for sale in this price range!

$2,600 - $5,500

N.6704 - Louis Lowendall, Berlin 1892. (Signed)

N.6505 - Robert Dolling, Markneukirchen c.1930.

N.8470c - Shaun Fosdick, STL 2012.

N.6560c - Tess Stephens, MN 2014.

N.6605 - Erwin Sandner, Mittenwald 1947.

N.8570 - Fritz Monnig, Germany 1952.

N.8459 - Ernst Heinrich Roth, Bubenreuth 1960. (Branded)

N.4545c - Walter Bosswell, MO 1955.

N.8173 - Joseph Yoo, Chicago 2009. (CSVM)

N.6955cp - Laberte-Humbert, Mirecourt c.1930.

N.5267 - E Reinhold Schmidt, Markneukirchen 1906. (Branded)

N.8558 - Ottomar Hausmann, Mittenwald 1984.

N.8253 - Heinrich Th. Heberlein jr., Markneukirchen 1912. (branded)

N.5652 - Husson & Buthod, Mirecourt 19th century. (LR Baggs Pickup)

N.6442 - Berl Mendenhall, Ohio 2014. (Stradivari model)

N.8695 - Berl Mendenhall, Ohio 2015. (Petite model)

N.8647 - Max Mockel, Germany 1933.

N.8617 - Gustav Aug Ficker, Germany 1967 (Kreutzer model)

N.8693 - Branded A. Claudot, c.1930.

N.8692 - Louis Jezek, Ohio 1913.

N.8627 - Sanctus Seraphin Labeled, 19th century. 

N.8621 - John Albert, PA c.1900

N.8685 - 7/8th size Wilh. Durrschmidt, c.1920. 

N.6275 - German Guadagnini copy, c.1910. (Ex Victor Aitay)

N.8649 - Old Mittenwald, 19th century.

N.8379 - Berlin School, 19th century. (Grafted Scroll)

N.8651 - Eugen Meinel, Markneukirchen 1926. (Branded)

N.8619 - Ernst Kreusler, Germany c.1930. (Branded)

N.8559c - J. Silakowski “Ropped Purfling”, Kentucky 2019.

Ignazio Emilietti


Fine Violins


Mario Gadda, 1980’s with maker cert.

An fine violin by Jacopo Luzzati, c. 1915
labeled D. Giacobvs. LVZZATI/Ponte lagoscuro. Anno 1915, branded internally AH, branded externally at lower ribs GL.

Paul Serdet, Paris 1909
(from the collection of Bruce Babbitt and featured in his book)

Giovanni Gaida (2 examples)

Silvestre & Maucotel, Paris 1911 (Warren & Millant certificates)

Charles Brugère, Paris 1904 (Branded, labeled, signed)


Sophia Vettori, 2019

Mariani Family composite, 1690 (cert)

J. Emil Zust, Switzerland 1916

A fine Dutch violin by Charles Crammond, Scotland 1800-1845.

N.8708c - A fine Tyrolean violin labeled Albani, from the first half of the 18th century.

A fine violin by Georges Apparut, Mirecourt 1935. (SOLD)

A fine violin by George Wulme-Hudson, "Carressi" model, London 1923.

N.8706c - A fine violin by Kurt Lothar Meisel, MN 1966.

A good Czech violin by František Xavier Drozen Turnov 1959.

A fine violin by Paul Knorr of Markneukirchen, Germany, from the early part of the 20th century.

N.8655c - A fine violin by George Gemunder, Astoria 1882.

N.8047c - A violin by Hilaire Darche, Bruxelles Belgium 1908. (Sold)

N.8336 - Luciano Sderci, Milan 1963 PHOTO

N.8041c - An American violin by Zenon Petesh, Chicago 1963.

N.8635c - A fine violin by Paul Knorr of Markneukirchen, Germany, from the early part of the 20th century. (Sold)

N.8656 - Luigi Ercoli, Pistoia, 2003

N.8659c - A fine violin by Mathias Heinicke, Bohemia 1925.

N.8648 - Leon Bernardel, Paris 1917

N.8658c - A fine American violin by Joseph F. Ricker, Ohio 1905.

N.5637 - A fine 19th century violin after Giuseppe Giovanni Battista Guarneri (Joseph Guarnerius filius Andreae), Cremona 1675 (Sold)

N.6871 - An 18th century violin by Jean Baptiste FreBrunet, France ca. mid 18th century

N.8247c - A violin by Paul Knorr, Markneukirchen 1928.   (branded)

N.8222c - An Italian violin by Marrio Gadda, Mantova, 1980. (branded) (Sold)

N.3866 - Caressa & Francais, Paris 1922. (N.31 & branded) (Sold)

N.6208 - An English violin by Benjamin Banks, London 1788. (signed)

N.5713 - Ch. J.B. Collin-Mezin, Paris 1895. (signed) (Sold)

N.6667 - Laura Vigato, Brescia 2014. (w/ makers certificate) (Sold)

N.6980 - A fine Franco-American violin by Francis Simonin, Cleveland 1913. (Sold)

N.8551 - Ernst Heinrich Roth, Markneukirchen 1945.  (XVR model) (Sold)

N.5253 - Ernst Heinrich Roth, Markneukirchen 1924.  (IXR model) SOLD (Sold)

N.5070 - Eugen Meinel, Markneukirchen 1928.  (XR model Roth) SOLD (Sold)

N.6664 - Ernst Heinrich Roth, Markneukirchen 1931.  (XR model) (Sold)

N.8238 - Joseph Kreuzinger, Shonbach (i/Bhm.449, Jos. Guarn:1744) 1927.

N.8513 - An 18th century violin, probably central Italy, labeled Gioviti Rodiani. (Sold)

N.8358c - 18th century violin with Lions Head carving.(Ex-Babken Heroyan KC Symphony) (Sold)

N.6606 - Laurent, Mirecourt c. mid 19th century.  (branded)

N.6783 - Ernst Heinrich Roth, Markneukirchen 1923.  (IR model) (Sold)

N.6714 - Leon Mougenot, France c.1930. (Guarneri model) (Sold)

N.5177 - Heinrich Th. Heberlein jr., Markneukirchen 1928. (branded)

N.8252 - Erasmus Shiefler, Germany c.1860. (Sold)

N.8336 - G. N. Einsele, Chicago 1915. (Guarneri Model) (Sold)

N.8569 - Frank C. Ball, MA 1916. (Sold)

8613 - Ch. J.B. Collin-Mezin, Paris c.1880 (with certificate) (Sold)

N.8657 - "Neu-Cremona", Berlin 1912  

N.8565 - Albert Knorr, Markneukirchen c.1930. (branded upper top)

N.8565- Kurt Gutter, Markneukirchen 1930. (C.C.1 Guarneri Model) (Sold)

N.4704 - Lyon & Healy "Cremonatone", Leon Mougenot, France 1927.

N.4862 - Hermann Geipel, Markneukirchen 1928.

N.5714 - James Reynold Carlisle, Ohio 1931 (view movie)

(SOLD) Camillo Mandelli, "da Calco", Calco/Milan 1928 (branded/signed) (Sold)

N.6281- Hermann Todt, Markneukirchen 1922. ("Tuscan Strad" model, brand to back) (Sold)

N.6661 - Berl Mendenhall, Ohio 2014. (Guarneri model) (Sold)

N.6444 - Johann Glass, Leipzig 1911.  (branded)

N.6697c - Workshop of Gregory S. Sapp, Chicago 2001

N.6516 - A good Italian violin by Epi Stathopoulo, New York ca. 1903 - 1917. 
The manuscript label reads Epi A. Stathopoulo, Violin Maker New York [date scratched off].  An oval brand to the right of the label reads A. Stathopoulo New York.

N.6663 - Leon Mougenot, Paris 1906 (branded)

N.8710 - 1929 Ernst Heinrich Roth, 1709 Stradivarius (XIIR) (branded/Signed)

Over 30 examples of old German, French, English, and other schools of making.