Listed below are a selection of some of Violins in various price ranges.

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Under $1,000

Many old German & French violins for sale in this price range as well as the ones below.

$1,000 - $2,600

Many killer sounding old German & French violins for sale in this price range!

$2,600 - $5,500

N.6704 - Louis Lowendall, Berlin 1892. (Signed)

N.6505 - Robert Dolling, Markneukirchen c.1930.

N.8470c - Shaun Fosdick, STL 2012.

N.6560c - Tess Stephens, MN 2014.

N.6605 - Erwin Sandner, Mittenwald 1947.

N.8570 - Fritz Monnig, Germany 1952.

N.8459 - Ernst Heinrich Roth, Bubenreuth 1960. (Branded)

N.4545c - Walter Bosswell, MO 1955.

N.8173 - Joseph Yoo, Chicago 2009. (CSVM)

N.6955cp - Laberte-Humbert, Mirecourt c.1930.

N.5267 - E Reinhold Schmidt, Markneukirchen 1906. (Branded)

N.8558 - Ottomar Hausmann, Mittenwald 1984.

N.8253 - Heinrich Th. Heberlein jr., Markneukirchen 1912. (branded)

N.5652 - Husson & Buthod, Mirecourt 19th century. (LR Baggs Pickup)

N.6442 - Berl Mendenhall, Ohio 2014. (Stradivari model)

N.8695 - Berl Mendenhall, Ohio 2015. (Petite model)

N.8647 - Max Mockel, Germany 1933.

N.8617 - Gustav Aug Ficker, Germany 1967 (Kreutzer model)

N.8693 - Branded A. Claudot, c.1930.

N.8692 - Louis Jezek, Ohio 1913.

N.8627 - Sanctus Seraphin Labeled, 19th century. 

N.8621 - John Albert, PA c.1900

N.8685 - 7/8th size Wilh. Durrschmidt, c.1920. 

N.6275 - German Guadagnini copy, c.1910. (Ex Victor Aitay)

N.8649 - Old Mittenwald, 19th century.

N.8379 - Berlin School, 19th century. (Grafted Scroll)

N.8651 - Eugen Meinel, Markneukirchen 1926. (Branded)

N.8619 - Ernst Kreusler, Germany c.1930. (Branded)

N.8559c - J. Silakowski “Ropped Purfling”, Kentucky 2019.

Ignazio Emilietti


Fine Violins


A fine Dutch violin by Charles Crammond, Scotland 1800-1845.

N.8708c - A fine Tyrolean violin labeled Albani, from the first half of the 18th century.

A fine violin by Georges Apparut, Mirecourt 1935. (SOLD)

A fine violin by George Wulme-Hudson, "Carressi" model, London 1923.

N.8706c - A fine violin by Kurt Lothar Meisel, MN 1966.

A good Czech violin by František Xavier Drozen Turnov 1959.

A fine violin by Paul Knorr of Markneukirchen, Germany, from the early part of the 20th century.

N.8655c - A fine violin by George Gemunder, Astoria 1882.

N.8047c - A violin by Hilaire Darche, Bruxelles Belgium 1908. (Sold)

N.8336 - Luciano Sderci, Milan 1963 PHOTO

N.8041c - An American violin by Zenon Petesh, Chicago 1963.

N.8635c - A fine violin by Paul Knorr of Markneukirchen, Germany, from the early part of the 20th century. (Sold)

N.8656 - Luigi Ercoli, Pistoia, 2003

N.8659c - A fine violin by Mathias Heinicke, Bohemia 1925.

N.8648 - Leon Bernardel, Paris 1917

N.8658c - A fine American violin by Joseph F. Ricker, Ohio 1905.

N.5637 - A fine 19th century violin after Giuseppe Giovanni Battista Guarneri (Joseph Guarnerius filius Andreae), Cremona 1675 (Sold)

N.6871 - An 18th century violin by Jean Baptiste FreBrunet, France ca. mid 18th century

N.8247c - A violin by Paul Knorr, Markneukirchen 1928.   (branded)

N.8222c - An Italian violin by Marrio Gadda, Mantova, 1980. (branded) (Sold)

N.3866 - Caressa & Francais, Paris 1922. (N.31 & branded) (Sold)

N.6208 - An English violin by Benjamin Banks, London 1788. (signed)

N.5713 - Ch. J.B. Collin-Mezin, Paris 1895. (signed) (Sold)

N.6667 - Laura Vigato, Brescia 2014. (w/ makers certificate) (Sold)

N.6980 - A fine Franco-American violin by Francis Simonin, Cleveland 1913. (Sold)

N.8551 - Ernst Heinrich Roth, Markneukirchen 1945.  (XVR model) (Sold)

N.5253 - Ernst Heinrich Roth, Markneukirchen 1924.  (IXR model) SOLD (Sold)

N.5070 - Eugen Meinel, Markneukirchen 1928.  (XR model Roth) SOLD (Sold)

N.6664 - Ernst Heinrich Roth, Markneukirchen 1931.  (XR model) (Sold)

N.8238 - Joseph Kreuzinger, Shonbach (i/Bhm.449, Jos. Guarn:1744) 1927.

N.8513 - An 18th century violin, probably central Italy, labeled Gioviti Rodiani. (Sold)

N.8358c - 18th century violin with Lions Head carving.(Ex-Babken Heroyan KC Symphony) (Sold)

N.6606 - Laurent, Mirecourt c. mid 19th century.  (branded)

N.6783 - Ernst Heinrich Roth, Markneukirchen 1923.  (IR model) (Sold)

N.6714 - Leon Mougenot, France c.1930. (Guarneri model) (Sold)

N.5177 - Heinrich Th. Heberlein jr., Markneukirchen 1928. (branded)

N.8252 - Erasmus Shiefler, Germany c.1860. (Sold)

N.8336 - G. N. Einsele, Chicago 1915. (Guarneri Model) (Sold)

N.8569 - Frank C. Ball, MA 1916. (Sold)

8613 - Ch. J.B. Collin-Mezin, Paris c.1880 (with certificate) (Sold)

N.8657 - "Neu-Cremona", Berlin 1912  

N.8565 - Albert Knorr, Markneukirchen c.1930. (branded upper top)

N.8565- Kurt Gutter, Markneukirchen 1930. (C.C.1 Guarneri Model) (Sold)

N.4704 - Lyon & Healy "Cremonatone", Leon Mougenot, France 1927.

N.4862 - Hermann Geipel, Markneukirchen 1928.

N.5714 - James Reynold Carlisle, Ohio 1931 (view movie)

(SOLD) Camillo Mandelli, "da Calco", Calco/Milan 1928 (branded/signed) (Sold)

N.6281- Hermann Todt, Markneukirchen 1922. ("Tuscan Strad" model, brand to back) (Sold)

N.6661 - Berl Mendenhall, Ohio 2014. (Guarneri model) (Sold)

N.6444 - Johann Glass, Leipzig 1911.  (branded)

N.6697c - Workshop of Gregory S. Sapp, Chicago 2001

N.6516 - A good Italian violin by Epi Stathopoulo, New York ca. 1903 - 1917. 
The manuscript label reads Epi A. Stathopoulo, Violin Maker New York [date scratched off].  An oval brand to the right of the label reads A. Stathopoulo New York.

N.6663 - Leon Mougenot, Paris 1906 (branded)

N.8710 - 1929 Ernst Heinrich Roth, 1709 Stradivarius (XIIR) (branded/Signed)

Over 30 examples of old German, French, English, and other schools of making.