At the Wyatt Violin Shop we have helped many professional and amateur fiddlers find their perfect instrument.  We always have a selection of fiddles with excellent setups for touring musicians, contest fiddlers, dance fiddlers and just about any style.  We can advise you on string selection as well as consult with you about your individual needs.  We are an authorized dealer for L.R. Baggs, Fishman, Realist, and more.  We specialize in Baggs pickup installations. We cut professional bridges tailored to the instrument and to the musicians needs.  

A question we get quite often is "What is the difference between a Fiddle and a Violin"?  There are many jokes as well as funny answers...but our experience is that concert masters and soloists have referred to their instrument as a fiddle and accomplished fiddlers have referred to their instrument as a violin!  We feel that there is no difference in the instrument itself and that the string choice and some alterations to the height of the bridge could be "defining characteristics" (if there are any at all).  Many musicians are "crossing genres" these days and there are a plethora of string choices to accommodate not only orchestral playing, but also different styles of fiddle music.  Some violins/fiddles have a tone that we may feel is best suited to set it up with Helicore (or similar strings), with a slightly lower action, and then would recommend this instrument for those looking for a "Fiddle".  Tone is very subjective and any violin can be customized to the musicians preference.  We typically set up all of our violins with a standard industry height and can "tweek" it for each musician upon purchase.  We encourage you to make an appointment to discuss your needs.

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