Appraisal & Evaluation

The Wyatt Violin Shop offers an appraisal service for instruments and bows that are submitted for our examination. Insurance coverage is the most common purpose for an appraisal. The assessed value is a “replacement value” or the cost at which the instrument could be replaced, with something similar, within a limited time period. This service is available when we are in agreement with the established attribution.

Appraisals are available by appointment. Please contact us if you would like to schedule an appointment. Appraisals are not available over the phone.

Written Appraisals for Insurance Purposes

These include a written description of the instrument or bow, including measurements and current replacement value. They are mailed 5-10 business days from the date of purchase/appointment date.

Items not purchased from Wyatt Violins: 

Instrument: $85
Bow accompanying an instrument: $50
Bow alone: $60
Research surcharge (per hour): $110

Verbal Appraisals

These include Wyatt Violin assessment of when/where the instrument or bow was made along with a current replacement value.

Verbal appraisal per instrument or bow: No Charge (with an appointment)

Appraisal Updates

We recommend that all insurance appraisals be updated every two years in order to be sure that insurance coverage reflects current replacement costs. Updates are mailed 5-10 business days from the date requested.

Items purchased from Wyatt Violins: $20

Items not purchased from Wyatt Violins: $35

Insurance Claim Letters

These include a repair estimate from the shop and are printed on Wyatt Violin Shop LLC. letterhead.

Insurance claim letter (with photos on file): $125+

Before shipping or visiting us, we can offer a preliminary opinion, if good quality photographs of the instrument or bow are submitted. We request high resolution photographs of the full front and back, as well as a side photo of the scroll. Photographs should be taken straight-on, not at an angle, and emailed to


Click Here to view a Pdf with instructions for Photos & Measurements