100% Trade-In

The instrument remains in the same condition as when originally sold by the Wyatt Violin Shop. Normal wear and tear such as wear to bow hair, strings, fingerboard, bridge, pegs, minor scratches and open seams are acceptable. Moderate to major damage, such as cracks, broken edges or corners, etc., may either void the trade guarantee or result in a reduction of the value at the sole judgment of the Wyatt Violin Shop.

A minimum service fee will be assessed as follows:

Violins - $200

Violas - $250

Cellos - $300

Bows (The cost of any necessary repairs will be deducted):

Rehair - $60 - $90

New tip - $110 - $170

New wrap - $30 - $85

*Carbon fiber bows are not accepted for trade-in.

  • This guarantee is fully transferable, provided it is accompanied by the original sales invoice and the new item being purchased is owned by WVS.

  • Student Instrument Packages can apply up to 70% toward a new instrument.

  • Items traded in can be traded for "like-kind" items (Bow for Bow, Violin for Violin, etc.)

  • Instruments or bows cannot be combined to trade-in toward one new inst. or bow.

  • Instruments under $2,000 and Bows under $1,000 can apply up to 70% Trade-In.

  • The new purchased item is valued twice that of the item being traded in. If the item being traded in is less than 50% of the new instrument, up to 70% can apply. (Full 100% applies to vintage and one of a kind instruments)

*Please be advised that MO sales tax is applicable on the full purchase price of any new instrument/outfit acquired within MO, not including any trade-in credit applied.