Cello & Bass

Listed below are a selection of some of our top selling Student & Step-Up Cello & Bass.
Also a selection of some older & Fine instruments.


N.8630c - Helmuth Fisher, Germany 2014

N.8684c - Martin Schumann, Mittenwald 2013

N.8490 - Old German Cello, c.1910

N.8654c - A fine cello labeled Bisiach di Leanardo 1932

N.6284 - A contemporary cello labeled Made for and sold by Morel & Gradoux-Matt, Inc. #304.

N.8593 - Joh. Edler by Semmlinger, germany 2018

N.2500c - A contemporary cello, Nicolas Tambovsky, 1998 *SOLD

Jay Haide (Multiple examples)

 N.6643 - A fine American cello by Joseph Rodier, Kansas City 1924

Albert Nebel


Model 500 & 600

Rudoulf Doetsch Montagnana




A 3/4 size bass by Andreas Morelli, Karl Herrmann, Markneukirchen c. 1930

An American made upright bass, 1965, labeled Genuine Kay Bass Violin M-1 Model Serial #50361.  Pro setup, ace condition, and sounds great!
Model:  M-1 *SOLD

Samuel Eastman Bass Model VB95

The Samuel Eastman model 95 bass is built with a fully carved spruce top, just like the model 90 bass, but it is finished with a hand-applied shaded varnish to give it a special antique appearance.  Hybrid gamba model with oil varnish, spruce top, laminate mahogany round back back & ribs, brass tuning machines, WVS bridge and setup. A beautiful, easy to play bass with a warm sound!  Available in 3/4 - 1/4 size, incl. 7/8.

Model: 150

Pietro Lombardi
Model: Pietro Lombardi

(Old German Cellos & Basses available)