Featured Student Instruments

A small selection of our Student Instruments Outfits

This collection represents a selection of the most popular Instrument “Outfits” (with case and bow) that we offer. Many are exclusive to our shop. Violins and Violas come with a deluxe case and a good carbon fiber or wood bow. Cello and Bass come with a bow and typically a padded bag. Hard shell cases are available with many cello options.

Over the years we have developed close relationships with distributors and vendors to provide what we feel are the very best student instruments available at extremely competitive prices. These instruments are custom labeled with our brands and we spend a tremendous amount of resources to ensure each instrument plays and sounds much better than what other shops “student Instruments” do. Made exclusively for the sole North American importer and distributor. Designed to our shop's exacting specifications, including plate thickness, neck angle, mensur ratio, and many other critical dimensions.